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The importance of time tracking

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Time Tracking system works online and automatically. Thus, it becomes easier for managers to know what each member of the staff is going, which tasks are being completed and what the progress of each project is. It also helps to find about the clocking in time of the employees, the time they spend at work and also their time of exit. All this, if done manually will not only take lot of time and even lead to errors but also intrusive. Time tracking can make the working of a company more efficient and help the staff become more productive. But you need to communicate the benefits of time tracking to employees by asking their feedback on the same. This is where the employee time tracking software comes into picture. It helps in –

  • Ensuring Discipline: This is very essential part of human life. It is the prime most for time management to maintain discipline.
  • Maintaining accurate Timesheet Report generation: Monthly timesheets reports will automatically be allotted to managers and reports can be generated precisely.
  • Ranking employees more precisely: Ranking employees based on their performance, attendance and their potentials can be made easy with the help of software’s.
  • Pinning up reminders: Reminders, to do lists, alarms can be generated easily and more precisely.

How does this work?

Access can be given on any particular network IP address or locations through which an employee can login. You can share the link on your official website or employee’s personal home page, so that they can access it on ease and without failing. Softwares also enable you to customise their page according to your convenience, to match the layout of your website.

Finally, one might wonder, what benefit does the software developing company avail by providing the free software? These companies allow people to use their software for free and they generate revenue by advertising the business and earn by promotion of business. They promote various business-to-business related offers inside manager’s control panel. Thus like any other social network sites, these companies earn on the basis of advertising.

Thus, these kinds of employee time tracking software have proved to be reliable and robust when you want to maintain your small scale firm with efficient employee management software. Features such as shift swap, schedule duplication, quick edit, customised web pages, payroll developer and other interesting and easy-to-use features have made them extremely popular. They are easy to use, ensure safety and security of your data, save your time and money and generate reports anytime and anywhere.

With an objective tool and precedents in place, every business is bound to make more rational assessments of the time required for a project and thereby avoid under billing. Integration of time tracking with the project management workflow provides valuable data for analysis of shortcomings and identification of loopholes that need intensive monitoring and rectification. As a measure of appraisal, a time tracking app is a good tool to analyze the comparative performance of every member of a group or a company.