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Cognitive Ability Assessment – A Perfect Way to Choose the Right Candidate

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General intelligence is tested by a psychometric test called Cognitive Ability Assessment. A lot of organizations use this test to check a candidate’s suitability and competence for the role the company offers. This also predicts the future performance of the candidate. ‘Cognitive’ means Intellectual or something that is concerning the mind. Such tests are extremely critical in many places. College admissions, college placements, off-campus placements, Competitive examinations, etc. use such tests to measure the quality of the person taking up the offers in their respective domains.


Psychometric tests are followed by more than 70% of the companies in the FTSE 100; Cognitive ability assessments form an integral part – as a standard recruitment tool. The very idea of rating a person’s cognitive ability intelligence is not at all a new concept; after all, William Stern, the German Psychologist, coined the term “Intelligence Quotient”(IQ) in 1912.


The employers are provided with a depth of insight into a candidate’s strengths and abilities. The test results help the interviewers to judge the candidate based on his ability to adapt, learn, solve problems, and understand situations and instructions. The higher the score, the more productive and more favourable the candidate turns out to be. This equates to a significant financial gain. With a good set of questions, the candidate can be checked on the following:

  • Can complete work tasks more precisely and efficiently
  • Make choices more efficiently
  • Use reasoning skills and solve queries
  • Respond reasonably to new or complicated circumstances.

The Test

The assessment consists of Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) since it tests the innate intelligence. The questions are formed based on the type of job the company offers. The rest result also depends on the company’s requirements. From numbers, letters, and words, to a set of beautiful shapes, weird sequences, and images, this test has it all. It is usually an online computer based test, and there is a set time limit. Hence, the candidate’s accuracy and speed is something that is measured by this test. The test comprises of numerical, verbal, spatial, mechanical reasoning, and abstract sections. Any type of questions may be asked under these sections. It all depends on the kind of ability being assessed. The difficulty measure of the problem also depends on the requirement of the company. Practice is undoubtedly required to pass this test. Companies usually look for someone who is a complete package, and the candidate’s homework is perhaps the most critical aspect. The preparation period and taking the test is generally an exciting experience.

 It is also the employer’s job to let the candidates know about the sort of test he is being subjected to during the session. A few practice papers should be provided to make the candidate feel more relaxed and come better prepared for the test. The interview process also should not be too hard for the candidate, and the cut-off score for the test again depends on job role being offered.

Hence, as an employer, investing in Cognitive Ability Assessments is a crucial part of a company’s path to success. Various sample papers are available online, and the questions can be set accordingly.