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Add Value to Your Health with CIGNA Insurance Solutions

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Having a health insurance is very important. You may not take it into consideration, but there are so many reasons why you should. All you have to remember is that, uninsured people will receive less medical care and less timely care. Because of this, and if they will have worse health outcomes, lack of insurance will be a burden for them and also their families.

            CIGNA is Hong Kong’s one of the top health insurance providers. You can enjoy their comprehensive medical insurance plans. They have a 10-year cover on hospitalization and also for surgical expenses. All of the benefits of CIGNA insurance plan simply means that CIGNA gives priority to their client’s benefits.

The Important Reasons to Choose CIGNA

            CIGNA’s comprehensive medical insurance coverage includes hospitalization expenses, inpatient and also outpatient surgical expenses. This also covers carcinoma-in-situ benefits. You will also get 108% of what you paid at the end of the 10th year of your policy, whether you made a claim or not.

There will also be an extra lump-sum for cancer benefits of up to HK$ 300,000, which will be offered on top of the 100% total premium paid for the patient’s first confirmed cancer diagnosis. CIGNA also offers a fixed premium during the 6th year premium term.

The CIGNA Plan Requirements

Anyone who is 18 years up to 65 years at last birthday is covered by the CIGNA insurance. It is renewable until you reach the age of 65. You can choose from two payment premium frequency; monthly and annually. The policy currency will either be in HKD or USD.

Insurance Solutions

The premium level of the CIGNA 108% Health Spectra will correspond to the plan level of your choice which will also be determined by your age, gender, and smoking habits of the person that is being insured.

CIGNA Health Check-up Discounts

With CIGNA, you can take advantage of the health check-up discounts. They will provide you with annual discount coupons that you can use for body check-ups and spinal health assessments. This will provide you with a better understanding of your health. These health check-up discount coupons will be issued together with your policy document pack and also 30 days after you policy anniversary.

Non-Payment of Premium.  

If in any case that you fail to pay your initial premium, you will not be able to use your policy. There will be a grace period of 1 month after any premium due date, except for the initial premium. Your policy will remain effective during this grace period. But if any premium that is not paid during the grace period, the policy will lapse on the premium due date, resulting in losing your insurance coverage.

The benefits that you will get from any health insurance plan will outweigh the costs for added services. This is the reason why it is a must, as much as possible, to have you and your family members insured. Being sick these days is very expensive. We need an insurance company like CIGNA to make us secured in times of need.