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Alex Rodriguez’s confession on steroid use

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Alex Rodriguez, the famous baseball player, was caught to take steroids. After there were quite a lot of allegations, he was seen to have traces of testosterone and Primobolan in his body. This happened after he was recorded to have an impressive performance for Texas Rangers.

Alex Rodriguez Steroids Use

There were many details that was reveled as the sportsman along with many other baseball players of the Major League was caught with steroid use. It was caught that the drugs were brought from Biogenesis of America – a rejuvenation clinic that was owned by Anthony Bosch.  Alex Rodriguez’s steroid confession noted that he used to have substance between 2001 and 2003. As he played baseball for Texas Rangers during 2003, the drug was recorded to give amazing stats. He had won the first Most Valuable Player in the American League, and he had hit a 47 and got him the Silver Slugger Award. While he was one of the best baseball players ever, the scandal has undermined his value.

MLB Drug Testing

As the transgressions didn’t support the policy of taking steroids, this could have affected his election. However, there was who believed that he deserves to be in the spot for the Baseball Hall of Fame. After the research proved the player guilty among 1200 players, he was banned for substance abuse. He was joined by 103 more players and they were all banned from playing in that season. At this time, there were no penalties and they were just banned.

Initially, the details of a report were meant for keep secrets. The players were to be anonymous and destroy all the samples. In the ensuring period, the federal authorities would catch some people with samples. The court had gone ahead to band them from using the drugs.


The information was brought in font and there was much chaos in the baseball field. There were many people using the performance enhancers, and their main support was Anthony Bosch, who was supplying them the drugs.

Alex Rodriguez had said that he was under pressure for performing well and that is why he turned to steroids, and become one of the best baseball players ever. He didn’t know if the drug was safe for him or not.

Anthony Bosch was then a sports doctor and also the founder of Biogenesis of America. He used to provide the drugs from his rejuvenation clinic and these were bought by many major league players.

After the truth was revealed, Anthony Bosch was sentenced to jail for 4 years. Alex Rodriguez’s steroid confession led to him being suspended in 2014. However, he had given an appeal and later withdrew it. People who are into professional sportsmanship must know that most organizations don’t support steroid usage. Just like the baseball many other opt for this process and cheat in their game. It is better to turn to alternatives that are legal, safe and also gives similar effects like steroids do.