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Is weight loss surgery safe?

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Obesity is increasing in number among the younger generation worldwide. This has becoming a dangerous phenomenon of 21st century. Obesity increases the vulnerability of getting affected by different serious life threatening diseases starting from type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke to cancer for instance breast cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer according to research study. Also, obesity affects the mental health of a person as it makes him/her immobile which can trigger depression on them.

Therefore if you are obese and trying lose weight as early as possible you can opt for bariatric surgery which is an obesity surgery in India. It is the most common surgery to lose extra weight overnight. Before going to the details of bariatric surgery let’s first see is it safe for you or not?

  • As statistics shows, there is 99.9% survival rate after weight loss surgery.
  • The risk associated with overweight is much higher than the bariatric surgery itself.
  • It has been seen that most esteemed hospitals have recommended bariatric surgery to people with obesity.
  • Complications after surgery from minor to serious are experienced by one on ten people.

So, you be rest assured it is a safe surgery. Now coming to the nitty-gritty of the surgery itself:

  • Bariatric surgery is a series of procedures to be followed by the patient so that they can control the food intake and lose weight. When the Body Mass Index reaches the point 30 that person is obese and when it reaches 40 they are super obese.
  • There are three types of bariatric surgery available and those are gastric bypass, gastric banding and sleeve gastrectomy. Gastric bypass is the mostly used worldwide which involves re-routing the digestive system so that it promotes satiety and suppress the urge of hunger.

Gastric banding involves putting an inflatable ban around the top portion of your stomach. It works to reduce the stomach pouch so that person eat less and feel less hungry. In sleeve gastrectomy 80% of fat is removed from the stomach so that it can have a smaller stomach pouch and the person eat less afterwards.

  • It will take a month or so to recover after the surgery and get back to your normal life. But it depends person to person. You may have to follow a liquid diet first and then go back to normal food after some point of time.

Now, you may ask what are the advantages of bariatric surgery? Here are some as follows:

  • Post weight loss surgery there are fewer chances of cardiovascular disease and stroke. It even increases sex drive in some patients as research study suggested.
  • The heath risks associated with overweigh the bariatic surgery outcomes.
  • There may be complications but the risk of it is as similar laproscopic gall bludder surgery.
  • It reduces the possibility of premature death of obese people.

Before making a decision to go for a bariatric surgery, talk with your doctor properly and if you then feel like doing it then go for it in cheap obesity surgery cost in India as your life is valuable much more than that.