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6 Kitchen Essentials Every Chef Needs

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When it comes to being a chef there are certain tools that, without them, being a chef wouldn’t be possible. It’s the tools we use which often can take a dish from ordinary to extraordinary. There are so many tools and tricks out there which claim to enhance your kitchen experience, however we have identified the absolute essentials and listed them here:

  1. The Chef’s Knife
    This is probably the most obvious of all the kitchen essentials you’ll need as a chef, but if you’re serious about your career this is an investment. It’s something you will use all the time and quality brands are made to last almost forever. It needs to be looked after, sharpened and cleaned regularly.Try and find one which has a good balance between metal knife head and handle length.
  2. Cutting Board
    When it comes to the cutting board it goes hand-in-hand with a great chef’s knife. There are usually two options either plastic or wood. It mostly comes down to your personal preference but if you decide on wood then be sure to choose a hardwood like maple or beech. It’s also a good idea to have separate boards for your different produce that needs to be cut up such as poultry, veggies, fish and red meat.
  3. StickBlender
    This little genius is the secret weapon to creating silky smooth soups and purees. No kitchen is complete without it. It is also useful to quickly whip up cream or smoothing out lumps in custard or gravy. It’s super easy to clean and with a quick rinse is ready for the next task.
  4. Apron/Chef’s Jacket
    Strong, absorbent and ready to protect you, a quality apron or chef’s jacket is a must! Chef Works offers some of the best kitchen wear available for chefs and cooks.They come in a variety of colors and styles, made for your personal preference, but ultimately you need something that will protect you from hot liquids, heat control and maybe something that’s a bit stylish too.
  5. Microplane Grater
    A nifty little tool which is helpful in so many ways, definitely bringing the ‘art’ to a dish. Whether for citrus zest or hard cheeses, a microblade grater is a versatile tool which always can come in handy.
  6. Meat Thermometer
    For any chef who respects their proteins, a meat thermometer is a must have. This is a relatively inexpensive tool, but one that can minimize any guesswork when insuring your steak is cooked to a perfect medium rare.