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Update Whatsapp – Here is What you Need to Know

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The advent of smartphones has led to many technological advancements and one of these is the cross platform instant messaging app called WhatsApp. The app enables the users to not only exchange text but also images, video and audio calls and messages. Today it has become an application that connects more than 1 billion people across the world in180 countries. It is a free app with an easy user interface and is very much secure and reliable. All the messages that are sent through this app are secured with end to end encryption and are not accessible to any third party. Many new features are frequently added to the application but one needs to regularly update WhatsApp to enjoy the same.

Advantages of WhatsApp

  1. The number one advantage is that it s free for all and is very simple and easy to understand. All you need to have is a smartphone with an active internet connection on it.
  2. It provides you with the platform for creating groups thereby allowing you to be in touch with a group of people simultaneously. You can chat and share media with almost 256 people at once without any hindrance.
  3. Since it is a free for all application one need not worry about the expensive calling charges. You can talk anywhere in the world at a very minimum cost of the internet that is used.
  4. There is a built in camera button that allows you to capture and share moments instantly.
  5. Not only pictures but one can also share documents easily without the need of opening your email.

Updating the Application – here’s a know how

Since its inception the application has come a long way in terms of latest features and uses. If you wish to stay abreast with the latest version then update WhatsApp regularly. An update not only gives you access to the latest features but also fixes bugs if any that might have cropped up with the older version. The app can be easily updated from the phones application store.

  1. If you are an android user the go to the play store and search for the app. Once you find it then tap on the update button and it will be installed with in few seconds.
  2. Similarly if you have an iPhone then go to the app store search for WhatsApp and update it.
  3. For all windows phones the app is available in the Microsoft store and can be easily updated from there.

Be careful not t o delete the existing application for upgrading to the newer version. You will automatically get alert if an update is due or check from the app store. Deleting the app might lead to loss of all the valuable data like chat history, images videos and many more. In case yo need to delete the app then always take a proper backup before doing so and always ensure that you install the original application from the concerned play store.