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What Type Of Data Scientist Do You Need?

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If you’re planning to hire a data analyst then you will find that candidates who will apply will come from two disciplines: statistics or computations. Candidates from these two disciplines go through statistical

The candidates who havecome from computer science background have the experience in handling large amounts of data and hence as data scientist assessment they can be an ideal choice while data scientist should be equally adept with statistics as well. You will find that candidate who comes from each of these backgrounds has different skill set. So which background is best suited for you, you should first analyse that. This confusion can be cleared depending on for which platform you need the candidate. Like if you need for a digital platform, you should opt one with the computer background while if you want to work on non –digital platform you should opt one with statistical background.  Let’s compare each one of them:

Digital Platform:In digital departments, they need to maintain consistent profusion of data which is generated on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile sources. The companies that fall under this category are e-commerce, digital advertising company, wearables, and mobile apps amongst others. Since data is plenty, you need a complete data scientist assessment to have a accurate maintenance of data. Having knowledge of statistics does help but a strong computation background is even more helpful. Candidates with science background can easily build a system that is enhanced with latest trends and works in real time.

Data Scientist

Non-digital Companies: This includes financial institutions or banks or credit departments amongst other falls under this category. Thus a candidate with different profile is required her as here the data is slowly processed and in a way very costly to collect as well. The data sheet contains the list of loan defaulters or the borrowers. There a candidate with only computation or software knowledge can’t fulfil industry’s requirement. A candidate with strong statistic model fits more into this type ofwork.

Hence proven that very data is expensive to collect and comes slowlywill have an advantage if they have data scientist who is from statistical background. In the department where data is plentiful and cheap and the department where they are bound by certain guidelines and regulars a candidate with good software skills will be of more help.

What is Hiring Manager’s Work?

Hiring Manager should hunt for only these two skills if he needs a data scientist. Data scientist assessment will help you out in screening these qualities in candidates and can offer you your candidate with either of these two backgrounds in a very short span. The qualities are assessed through technical challenges and the candidates who have submitted fake review will be soon weeded out and hence you will be left with a filtered list of your required candidate who will help you strengthen your organization in data analysis. Once you hire data scientists through these assessment tests you will see positive results soon as the company’s need align and candidates skills will be perfectly matched through these assessment test.