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Know how to get Canada permanent residence card

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Getting the PR card of Canada is dream of many and if you are roving on the same very boat then you are at right stop, as here you will get information about the points calculator for Canada pr. So, let us quickly see some of those brownie points that will help you to get your PR card.

With the new point system introduced by the Canadian government that is known as Express entry immigration pool; In a system there is a scorecard scheme through which you will get your PR card. The pool is divided under economy class and federal skilled worker program.  In addition, under the express entry pool 347 eligible occupations will help you to meet the minimum entry criteria. Furthermore, if you are skilled and you fall into “eligible occupation” then the chances of getting the PR card are brighter.

The Ranking system, Eligibility for PR Card!

To know about that listed eligible occupation you can visit the official website for complete and in-depth information so that you can get the right facts, if you intend to submit an expression of interest in the express pool entry, then checking the official website, will make things clear for you. In this system, the candidates belonging to nations that entered into the pact with Canadian government under youth exchange program will be ranked under the Comprehensive Ranking System. Highest rank holder will get an invitation to apply for the PR. Candidates who get such invitation must submit duly filled application form within 90 days.

To help you understand the process, it becomes important to know about individuals who can apply for the express entry immigration. Let us quickly see qualification that you need to fulfilled to get access in the express pool. Here we have compiled the essential conditions that applicant needs to fulfil and that are as follows:

  • One must have one-year (continuous) paid work experience or you need to have part time employment within the foregoing 10 years and this needs to be in one of those 347 eligible occupation that are listed under the National Occupation Classification system.
  • The current pass mark is 67 points under the skilled worker point grid consisting of six factors for selection.
  • The work experience needs to be categorized in three categories Skill type O, skill level A skill B within the national occupation classification system.
  • You need to have intermediate level language skills in English, French, and for that you need to undergo third party language test.
  • You need to have proper funding and settlement.
  • You need to go through security check and medical examination.

These are a few points that you need to fulfil towards the eligibility of the express entry, as the points calculator for Canada immigration plays a very important role as a result, it is important to make the most so that you can score decent points in order to get the immigration. It is indeed bit hectic process therefore, it is imperative to apprehend the nuances as this will unquestionably help you to get things done and you can get your PR card. Apart from that, various online sites can educate and lend you helping hand to find genuine immigration consultant get things done so that you can have your PR card.