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A Guide to Modern Camping Solutions

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Camping has always been something of an adventure, yet in the past few years, technology has now reached a point where you can have your comfort while sleeping under the stars, and everything will fit into an SUV, allowing the family an unprecedented level of freedom and independence. The gadgets and devices that are available today revolutionise the camping experience, and for those who prefer a level of comfort when camping, everything you need is available from an online supplier.

The High Tech Roof Box

The term “roof rack” is no longer appropriate for the latest generation of roof boxes, and these ingenious containers can house your tent and all the other essential camping equipment. The robust unit will handle up to 75kg of weight, and with more than 300 litres of volume, there’s room for everything, including the kitchen sink. With a length capacity of 2 metres, you can not only store your tent, but also a few fishing rods if you fancy some trout fishing, and with a range of attractive models, your camping storage is covered.

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Bike Racks

Rather than renting bikes when you arrive at your destination, you can bring your own with a handy bike rack. Typically, the unit can handle up to 3 adult sized bikes, and with the rack fitted onto the rear door, you still have room for your roof box. There are online suppliers of top quality cycle racks, and with a choice of roof, rear door, or towbar mounted units, there will be something that fits perfectly on your vehicle.

Solar Power

Yes, solar technology has finally reached the portable stage, and the latest solar mats can be unrolled and left over the windscreen or on the roof, and with a deep cycle battery, you have unlimited power for any camping trip. The system consists of the solar mat, the cable connectors and a deep cycle lithium battery, which weighs a fraction of a traditional wet cell battery. LED lighting uses very little power, and you will certainly have enough to power any appliance you choose to take, which would allow you to camp in more remote areas.

Camping Trailer

This is the ideal solution for the adventurous camping family, as the tent opens up from the trailer, and with ingenious folding mechanisms and lightweight construction, you can fit a 6 person tent into a small, flat trailer. Some units also have extra storage space, and with online suppliers, you can expect to pay lower than retail prices for top quality products.

These are just a few of the latest inventions that make camping more comfortable, and with the family and all the equipment loaded up, you are ready to head off into the beautiful English countryside. If you would like to browse a selection of auto and camping accessories, there are online suppliers who have everything you need to make your camping experience more enjoyable.