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Information about Estate Services in Australia

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This week, Canard Solutions (CanSol) undertook an interesting project. We assisted a family trying to resolve a fairly common challenge: to try and sort through two households of furniture to fit into one house.

There are many circumstances where this situation can arise. A few examples include firstly, new partners getting together and having two lots of household furniture. Secondly, parents passing on and leaving a house full of furniture to deal with.  And thirdly, sale of a holiday house or city home, and seeking to integrate furniture between the homes

As our experience has taught us, each set of circumstances is unique. The furniture itself and the needs of the client and is always different. This means each project requires a different solution.

In this case, we worked with the clients to identify the surplus furniture in each of the two homes and arrange for its consignment to auction houses. We also saw to the donation or recycling of goods with no value. We performed this work efficiently while also packing all loose goods, decoratives, and other fragile items.

CanSol’s attention

Indeed, there were many factors affecting the planning and delivery of the project. These were the timing of sale of one of the properties. Also, the interest of other family members in specific furniture and goods, as well as the availability of family members to help make decisions.

We successfully consigned all unwanted goods to the most appropriate auction houses. We are careful to ensure we choose the best auction house for the goods. This way, we can get the best possible value for the client.

Following this, we transferred all the furniture, goods, and effects being retained by the family to the new home.

The whole process took five days using teams of two or three people on each day. However, our clients were able to resolve a complex situation painlessly and efficiently.t

It is CanSol’s attention to detail that can assist in removing the stress and worries on these projects. We look forward to the next one.