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Standard Supplier Audit Procedures for Quality

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The suppliers we hire are most important for any business. They are also popular as vendors. A factory must follow the right supplier audit criteria to match their business. It is a quality check for your suppliers to meet your business standards. Therefore, you must follow the appropriate supplier audit procedure. This will ensure for a better quality, which will reflect in your final product. You may have an internal audit team. You can verify your vendors with them. Yet a third party audit will be an independent team and they can do better vendor checks as per the current audit practice. It is advisable to hire the top rated factory audit service provider and conduct supplier audits before procurement.

Types of Supplier Audits

New Supplier Audit

You cannot simply purchase raw materials from a supplier. You have to conduct new supplier audit with your internal or external audit team. This will make sure they are fit to deliver the raw materials as per your standards. This kind of new supplier audits will ensure they are capable to deliver you the raw materials with quality.

Process Audits

The scheduled or process audits are necessary for any production unit. Your key suppliers are the main part of your production process. You can check their quality and recommend for further supplies. Any quality issues can be finding out by doing a scheduled audit by an external auditing team.

Verification Audits

You must check your suppliers are a registered entity, and they follow the best practices in trading. The verification on suppliers compliance is necessary before your take their service. You can check they follow the local compliance and do the best practice. You must not avail a supplier, who does not follow the local compliance. Supplier verification is the best practice you can follow before availing their service.

The standard practice of conducting supplier audits will evaluate them to meet your production level or not. You can rely on third-party supplier audit report. They use the latest audit tools for the supplier or vendor. It is advisable to describe them about your business needs. They will select the latest tools and inform you about their latest audit practice. This will make you clear as what your third-party auditors are going to conduct at your supplier’s side. Their supplier audit report will enable you to see you can hire them for continued supply of raw materials or not.

A production factory will have many suppliers. They all must meet your production standards such that there will be no shortage in the supply side. You can inspect and check they follow the best practices. The external audit service providers are the best to hire for vendor verification and quality checks. They are affordable, and you can sing an annual contract to do periodic supplier audit. This is because; you will be having many suppliers. You can trust on their audit report and terminate a supplier with discrepancies. You can also suggest for improvement if necessary with the suppliers.