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What Are The Non-Medical Applications Of Fullerenes?

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There are many medical applications of fullerenes as an antioxidant agent, antiviral agent, photosensitizer, and much more. There are more non-medical uses of fullerenes which is why fullerenes buy is so high for commercial products. The following is the list of the non-medical uses of Fullerenes that you should know about.

Non-Medical Applications Of Fullerenes –

Cosmetic Products – Different types of fullerenes are used in making cosmetic products. These products can help fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sagging of skin, and even dark spots. All these are possible due to its antioxidant property. In fact, there are many whitening creams available in the market whose important ingredient is fullerenes. This is possible due to its property of eliminating free radicals. In fact, the greatest practical application of fullerene is in the cosmetic industry now.

Dry Lubricant – Fullerenes is used for developing dry lubricants which can prevent friction and wear and tear of parts. It is widely used in motors or machine parts such as chains, ball bearings, gears, pumps, screws and likewise. Therefore, they elongate the longevity of a product.

Metal Coating – Fullerenes is used as metal matrix coating, and the antibacterial and anti-oxidation property prevent rusting and corrosion. Moreover, the electric conductivity of the fullerene makes it ideal for it to be used on metal for coating. Besides, they are suitable for microbial fuel cell application.

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Fiber and Clothing – The super strong fibers from nanotubes of fullerene are finding multiple applications in the clothing and various other industries. They are getting used to making the body and vehicle armor, cables, woven fabrics as well as textiles.

Hardening Agents – Fullerenes is under observation as it holds the key to developing lightweight metals with better tensile strength without affecting the ductility. It is due to the small size and high reactivity. It can strengthen the metal matrix by proper interaction and increase the hardness by as much as 30%. There are various alloys in production that are made with fullerenes. There could be high fullerenes buy demand if it materializes in the future. It is likely as fullerene has similar structure like diamonds and we know that diamond is the hardest substance. In fact, fullerene can replace diamonds film that used in electronic devices.

Miscellaneous – Fullerene is used as an agent to store hydrogen gas most effectively. This is due to its quick hydrogenation and de-hydrogenation property. Besides, it finds application in the protective eyewear industry as it can decrease the transmittance of light. Optical limiter uses fullerene for this property.

In the future, we can see a lot of sensors made out of fullerenes as there are research works going on in this front. Fullerene’s use can make a lot of expensive things cost-effective and affordable.