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The TOP 3 School Typing Games For Kids This 2018

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The rapid rise in the technology development these days is giving kids more access to the computer and the digital world. Everything can now be accessed online, from games to books, and everything that they need when it comes to answers to difficult questions for homework. When you want to teach kids the basics of computer typing, there are now hundreds of applications that you can download in order for your children to learn the basic computer skills.

KIDSTYPING is one of the most trusted sites when you are looking for the best typing games for toddlers up to those who are already in school. Depending on their typing skills and levels, you can choose from the different levels of typing tasks that you want your kids to try. Here are the most requested typing games online that would be perfect for your children too.

School Typing Games. These games are made to teach children with basic computing skills. The games in this category are graded for kids to learn different touch typing skills using regular typing techniques like finger-based lessons, using the keys, as well as hand placement. Here are the most popular school typing games that you can find when you visit website.

  • QWERTY Warriors World. This is game will let the player destroy all of the virtual enemies that are approaching by just typing the letters using your keyboard.
  • Ninja Hunter. There are good and bad ninjas in this game and the player needs to safeguard the temple of the Goddess of Wind from being attacked by the bad ninjas with the help of your typing speed.
  • Bitter Boss. This game gives the player multiple tasks at a time by typing the keys faster to prevent the green bar from filling up and occupy the whole empty bar.

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Free Typing Games. These games are specifically designed to improve the kids’ typing skills while he enjoys playing free games that consist of typing different letters of the alphabet. This game will teach the kids how to use all keyboard keys, the proper hand placement, and also improve accuracy.

  • Desert Typing Racer. Race through the highway in great speeds and hop over the other cars along the way as you type the letters.
  • Meteor Typing Blast. By using your typing skills, you can protect your spaceship and damage the flying meteors and UFOs as you target your space vehicle by typing different keys on your keyboard.
  • Spacebar Invaders. There are letters arranged under the characters of the game and you can prevent them from getting down to the ground by typing the letters.

Typing Lessons. These lessons are designed for kids to learn how to type with ease with the help of a collaborative digital typing tutor. The games use techniques to enhance your child’s mastery and proficiency in typing by introducing different hand positioning techniques and other effective ways to maneuver his hands on the keyboard easily.

  • The Home Row Keys. This is the tutorial for kids to master touch-typing.
  • Right Hand Home Keys. The perfect lesson for kids to learn the basic right-hand home keys.
  • Left Hand Home Keys. The lesson for kids to easily learn about the left-hand home keys.

Teaching your kids the basics of typing is very important especially nowadays that most of them are already using the computer to increase their knowledge and understanding about their lessons at school. To make computer lessons more fun and exciting, check out the games above which can help boost your child’s skills.