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Famous Songs about Gems

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Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Probably the most famous song about precious gems is Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. The song was written by Leo Robin and JuleStyne and was performed in the Broadway show ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’. Despite the song being made famous by Marilyn Monroe, it was first performed by Carol Channing in 1949, followed by Ethel Merman in 1950.

Marilyn Monroe didn’t perform the song until the 1953 movie of the show. It was this performance that truly made the song and the star a global hit. Marilyn Monroe looked stunning in hot pink satin and draped with glittering diamonds. Although most of the vocals are Marilyn’s, some of the higher notes were dubbed with another singer’s voice, Marni Nixon. According to Hollywood legend, 20th Century Fox wanted the whole song dubbed but Marni Nixon insisted it was the right quality for the character and theme of the song.

Black Diamond

This song was a real show-stopper and was often used as the closing tune to the early concerts of Kiss. Paul Stanley, of the band, has said the song was written about New York. The rock band were very fond of the city and found a huge amount of inspiration for lyrics from watching the diverse and vibrant life in the city.

Diamond Ring

Written and performed by Sheryl Crow, the lyrics seem to allude to the singer’s failed engagement with champion cyclist Lance Armstrong. She has never formally admitted to this in interviews but has said that after being engaged no less than three times, she must have a thing for diamonds! If you share Sheryl Crow’s love of diamonds, check out the Halo Cluster Engagement Rings at https://www.comparethediamond.com/diamond-engagement-rings/halo-clusters.


Emerald by Thin Lizzy was a testament to the fascination held by frontman Lynott for all thing Irish, hence the song’s impressive gaelic-style guitar riffs.  As the lyric writer and frontman, Lynott revelled in his life-long passion for the Emerald Isle, its history, legends and rugged landscape. All this, despite the fact that Lynott was himself half black and officially an Englishman. It was one of their finer songs.


This song started life as a spoof version of a Bond theme according to Gary Kemp. It was inspired by Goldfinger and when Gary asked his brother and fellow band member, Martin if he liked it, Martin loved it and they then knew they were onto something. According to Spandau Ballet, having a great title helps as a starting point. Having a wonderful tune is no good if you have no title or first line to build around. If you start with a punchy title and some opening lyrics, the melody grows around that idea according to the Kemp brothers.