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Stars that don’t appear on the screen

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A good movie doesn’t come about just by the actors, it involves a lot more. Even though we watch and see only a few people on the screen, those who do not appear on the screen assist greatly in making the movie a successful one. All the movies you have watched in the cinema and putlocker have stars you haven’t seen. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Stunt doubles

Stunt doubles refer to actors who look similar to a movie star and perform difficult stunts for them that the actor is unable to perform or is too risky for them to undertake. Usually, stunt doubles earn anywhere from between $60,000 to $70,000 annually. This figure may sore for tougher jobs and high-budget movies.

Makeup Artist

Makeup artists are the ones who perform makeup on the actors. Their job includes producing the right look on the actors. It is these people that make actors look beautiful and vibrant, dull and sick and even look sullenly drunk. So they play a very important role in setting up the right stage for an act. The average makeup artist makes about $ 48 an hour and may earn up to $125,000  or more.


Camera operator

A camera operator is the man who stands behind the camera and shoots the movie. This person is the one who films the entire movie for you. Typically, camera operators earn just about $50000 a year. Bigger movies can earn camera operators more likely up to $ 150000.


Screenwriters write down the script for the movie. They are the ones who structure the dialogues and create the preliminary scene for the play. In short, the screenwriter is the pen in a story. He can make or break the picture. Screenwriters earn an annual salary of about $73,000.


He can be considered the main man behind the movie. Even though directors are greatly credited with the making of the movie, it is the producer who handles all the executive work as the director gives orders. Producers typically earn between $750000 to a million dollars.

Boom operators

Boom operators may seem insignificant but theirs is a tough job too. These individuals are tasked with holding the microphone above the actors beyond the screen. They make about $37000 typically.


Directors are the big names behind the movies. They are the ones who arrange the budget and direct the action. They make the bulk of the earnings through the movies. Their earnings depend on the success of the movie.

Key Grip

A grip arranges all the equipment for the lightings cameras and support. He arranges for the filming from various angles. A grip earns a revenue of about $25 to $35 an hour for his work.

So the next time you make a movie web download or watch something on putlocker remember to appreciate the stars who do not appear on the screen.