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Podcasts: A Quick and Effective Way to Learn About Bitcoins

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The horizons of knowledge, information and learning have expanded in the current world due to the ubiquitous presence of the Internet. No longer do people have to go to the library and acquire a book or a magazine to gather information or take courses to enhance their learning. From the comfort of their home, they can access information and learning sources through the Internet. A host of mediums, such as YouTube videos, websites, podcasts and elearning networks, on the Internet provide knowledge and learning to those who seek them.

Podcasts are a particularly easy way to know and learn about anything. They are in the form of audio or video files that can be downloaded from the Internet to a computer or mobile phone and can be listened or watched at one’s own leisure. Podcasts are usually available in a serial form and new installments are released daily, weekly or monthly as decided by their creators. One new technology that is puzzling people around the world is cryptocurrency in the form of bitcoins and altcoins. Podcasts offer an amazing and easy way to learn about cryptocurrency and bitcoin. Here is a bitcoin podcasts list having podcasts that enlighten you about bitcoins.


Unchained podcasts present information on bitcoins from the people who are using them very successfully. They bring the views, ideas and interviews of the most successful technologists, entrepreneurs, thinkers and investors operating actively in the area of cryptocurrency and bitcoins. They cast light on technology and financial aspects of bitcoins. They are planned and executed in such a way that they can simplify this topic for beginners as well as provide the most complex information to experts in bitcoins. They update the listeners about the most recent developments in the field of bitcoins.

Coin Mastery

Coin Mastery is the next best program in the bitcoin podcasts list. Podcasts in Coin Mastery cover the latest developments in the realm of cryptocurrency and bitcoin. The amazing feature of these podcasts is that they don’t restrict themselves to bitcoins only but present information on other types of cryptocurrencies as well. These podcasts bring to the listener the basic and technical analysis of bitcoins as well as brief coverage of the most recent news on bitcoins. They also aim to help the reader in making investment decisions on bitcoins by presenting information on investing concepts in bitcoins.

Ledger Cast

Focused completely upon the cryptocurrency world, Ledger Cast brings podcasts not only on bitcoins but also on altcoin, litecoin, siacoin and other types of cryptocurrency. Ledger Cast podcasts throw light upon the fundamentals of bitcoins and latest developments in the world in this area. They also bring information about how to trade using bitcoins.

This bitcoin podcasts list presents three relevant podcasts out of the many available on the Internet. If you are a bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiast, listen to these podcasts to get information on the most recent developments in this area.