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Slim, trim and fit- is the new trend on the go. We are in love with the shape of our body. So do you want to chill out yourself knowing about some of the awesome fitness strategies that are used by celebrities? No, just don’t think that these can be accessible to only the celebrities, these are customized best especially for you.


Celebrity fitness refers to an instructor that provides fitness training that would make your body stature similar to the celebrity of your choice. This fitness center is located in many parts of Asia. The number of fitness clubs under this organization records to be over 50 clubs across three countries. All the fitness training that is carried out here include yoga, other meditations, exercises related to weightlifting, indoor cycling, and personal training. The origination of this club is at Jakarta, Indonesia. It is the first fitness center with dual gym access in Indonesia. Thelocations of the clubs are in various countries, the main ones are present in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and India with 35, 21, 4 and 2 clubs respectively. So, you can log on to the official website www.celebrityfitness.com and hit the button of “Celebrity Fitness Dual Registration today” to enlist yourself to be a part of this luxurious gym.

first fitness center with dual gym access in Indonesia


It was the first gym company in Indonesia. It was the biggest fitness centre in Indonesia which soon opened its wings at different parts of Indonesia. There are 11 listed cities that include Jakarta, Ball, Bandung, Bogor, Medan, Surabaya, Batam, Makassar, Yogyakarta, Semarang and Palembang.


This multi gym with world-class equipment has a lot of cool features at its disposal. Some of the noteworthy are mentioned below

You can go with your daily routine by involving into the fitness classes; you may also hire a personal trainer. There is an extra benefit added to it that you can get a personal trainer free if you buy a 1- month package.

You can access anytime to try out the equipment at the gym. Attending the group discussion classes daily will make you a perfectaccording to your personality.

Clean towels and other bathing towels are available with the gym with also showers in addition.


The trainers in the gymnasium teach their clients with the best exercises to suit their personality. The motto is quite simple. The club arranges for fitness plans that help one look the perfect one with the addition of sensation.

A new style of workout is available in the gym. This includes shaping your body by moving to the beats of the music. Such a strategy helps you to add a fun to your fitness plan. But, unfortunately, such training is available only in a few clubs.

So have you heard about yoga in the form of a swing? If not, feel it for the first time at the Celebrity Fitness center. This is often called the floating yoga and is one of the best options to make you agile and look elegant.

There is an option to play with Kettlebells and RMT. These are the appropriateequipment to shape you out. Playing with such equipment not only help you in staying trim, rather makes your body very flexible.

To make your legs look special, join the Celebrity Race 30 which is one of the best plans to burn your fats and make that exotic entrance at the party.

Words are never enough to explain everything. To feel the power in my words you need to visit the gym for yourself. Once you make a visit to the gym in person and undergo the regular training classes. No one can stop you from being called a celebrity. So try to rock your body today itself!