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Beginner Tips for Playing The Sims 4

By Posted on 3 m read 197 views

Many people love The Sims 4 because it presents challenges and never-ending fun. If you are a beginner, there are huge possibilities. With sims 4 download kostenlos, it is easier to get involved with the latest iteration of The Sims.

For a better Sims experience, here are some tips that you can consider:

Have a family

If you are a beginner, a family of one is better while you navigate through the game. As you go along, it is preferable that you play a whole family. Remember that if you have a partner and children, you will receive more advantages.

Controlling more Sims may be challenging but eventually, things will be much easier.  When you have a family, it will help you meet some promotion requirements. Aside from that, you also fulfill your Sim’s social needs.

Choose helpful traits

There are different traits that you can bestow on your Sim but it has to be beneficial for the Sim.  If you want to choose right, you can consider traits that can help your Sim’s emotional well-being. Traits that can help your Sim’s emotional well-being include the following:
• Active: this trait will allow your Sim to be frequently energised. It can even help boost

other Sims. This trait is beneficial because it can help you build fitness skill quicker too.
• Ambitious: at the beginning, your Sim has to earn money the more traditional way – getting a job. For job promotions, Sims can get impressive moodlets. This can help you get a better job and more money.
• Self-assured: this trait will allow your Sim to be more confident. This will benefit your Sim in many ways especially when it comes to quicker career progression.

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Make the most of your Sim’s moods

In The Sims 4, Sims always have emotions attached to them. The actions that you perform can change the mood of your Sims. You need to make the most of your Sim’s good moods so they can finally get that promotion. You also have to look after negative emotions because it can make them uncomfortable and dissatisfied.

Consider your Sim’s Lifetime Happiness

It is important that you watch the happiness of your Sims. You need to satisfy them so they can receive Lifetime Happiness points. Remember that the wishes are related to the mood, learning skills and traits of your Sims.

If you choose Aspiration, it should suit the character and career of the Sims. You can do this by completing side quests that are related to it. Keep in mind that fulfilling your Aspiration will give your Sims more Happiness. Your Happiness points can be exchanged for potions or trait.

Plan your house properly

Big houses are appealing but if it means wasting a lot of time walking between rooms, your Sim is better off with a smaller house. With this, it is important that you plan your house. You have to focus on functionality instead of visual design.

When you plan, make sure that your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom are close to each other. Do not be afraid of creating extra passages between them. This can be beneficial for your Sims since they do not need to wander around to get inside the rooms.