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 Giving a New Life to the Wounded Heroes – Meredith Iler

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The soldiers and veteran military personnel of every country dedicate their entire lives to the service of men and their country, all they care for is the security and protection of their native people and are taught to devote themselves selflessly for the cause of their country. They are mentally prepared in a way that they do not even worry about their own life. This is why they are chivalrous enough to face the life challenging situations also and in the bargain, many a time gets severely wounded. Meredith Iler has taken it upon herself to restore the lives of these sacrificing individuals.

Meredith Iler is the Chairman Emeritus and the founder of the Home Program of the non-profit, non-partisan organization known by the name of Helping a Hero in Houston. She founded the home program in 2005 and is said to have successfully spearheaded a fundraiser campaign that resulted in the collection of multi-million dollars which helped in funding the homes that were built for the wounded heroes.

The mission of Meredith and this organization is to empower the lives and homes of the wounded soldiers. They work in collaboration with experienced planners and developers of homes who design and create the homes of these soldiers with emphasis on adapting the house with reference to the special requirements of the injured military personnel. It was the sole credit of Meredith in bringing about the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition into the success stories of Helping a Hero.

In addition to being a part of this organization, Meredith is an active volunteer and community leader. She has been a part of the Boards of Helping a Hero, the Rotary Club of Houston, The Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce and many other socially active groups. She has been in close association with the military throughout her adulthood.

Her selfless attitude and good intentions have helped her carve a niche for herself in the society and there is no wonder that she was nominated as one of the fifty most influential women in Houston. She has also bagged the award of the ‘Community Leader of Hope Award’ as well as the ‘Distinguished Service Award’.

In one of her tweets, Meredith said that recently ‘Independence welcomes a wounded warrior with open arms and music from Lee Greenwood.’ This shows that her intention of making this kind of social work contagious within the community is somewhat gaining success. On this day, Congressmen from two states and a U.S. Senator gave their valuable time to welcome one wounded soldier and his family into their new home, in a small street in Independence.

It is a good thing that individuals with Meredith’s frame of mind are still not giving up in this self-centered world and not just carrying on their wonderful work of charity but also inspiring and encouraging several others to do the same. This indeed is a great way to give back to the society for that you get to live your life comfortably and tension free.