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Top 5 Hookah Flavors For Spring 2018

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Nowadays smoking hookahs are in trends. Someone cannot smoke hookah at any time or any place. This needs an excellent time and place to enjoy it. The flavor plays an important role while smoking it and making of it. In case, if you make a mistake in adding the right flavor, it ruins all taste of the hookah.

You will find the hookahs in hookah bars or else you can make a perfect hookah for you and your loved ones on your own. You can find many shops which are selling hookahs and accessories. These shops are authorized shops to sell. If you are living in Peoria and if you want to find a best hookah shop in Peoria, Arizona near you, online searching is the best option. You will find many of hookah flavors which are currently in trend.

Summer is almost upon us yet again, and with the rising sun, it’s a great time to get some fresh new flavors in the regular rotation. If you are a hookah enthusiast and planning to host a hookah party for your friends and loved ones, here is the list of top hookah flavors for this spring season.

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1.Pink Lemonade

Lemonade is a staple with every summer day and if you add something exciting flavor like ‘pink flavor’, you will enjoy even better than earlier. Pink lemonade has a nice tart initial bite, followed by a sweet taste of summery lemonade. This flavor lasts an exceptional hour long smoke.

2.Death By Ice

Mint is must in summer. Death by ice is wonderful cold and earthy mint, it is perfect to smoke alone with your loved one. For an experiment, you can add this flavor with other flavors to make them just a pinch cooler. This flavor can mix with every flavor. Death by ice is a great flavor as summer mint, a taste of it is a happy medium which is not much hard and not much smooth.


If you want to enjoy warm summer days, this is the only natural flavor which can be used as hookah, cooler, and summer icy drinks. This flavor can stand by own among all mix. This flavor is exceptionally refreshing and gives sweet smoke.


Tangelo is a citrus flavor. It is a fantastic mix of tangerine and grapefruit. Tangelo tastes as bitter grapefruit and subtly sweet tangerine. It has its own unique flavor. Sometimes bitterness of tangelo flavor may turn off some, but for the rest, they enjoy its unique flavor.


Mango is the final flavor, and in summer you can find this flavor easily in all smoke shops in Peoria, Arizona. This is one of those flavors that you almost forgot. Mango flavor is necessary for any summer mix. It has a traditionally mild flavor, and you can use it in all mixture.

Thus, gathering for hookah smoking is amusing. By considering top flavors in hookah you can make your gathering live.