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Natural ingredients that keep lip soft

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Having soft, sexy and juicy lips is something we all want, men or women. There are several products that can do this for us like hydrating tinted lip balms. However, most of the products in the market are chemical laden. These not only harm out lips but can harm our stomachs as well since we end up ingesting what is on our lips.

So what can we do get those lips?

There is a lot we can do. Following these steps can get you the perfect lips you want

1- Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water. Chapped lips are usually a result of lack of water in the body. Drinking optimum amounts of water can get rid of dry and broken lips.

2- Exfoliate regularly

Make exfoliation of your lips a part of your regular beauty regime. This will help remove dead cells that are a result of chapped lips. Also, it will expose new and healthy cells that are nice and soft.

hydrating tinted lip balms

3- Hydrate your lips

Use oils that help in water retention on your lips overnight. This will help to keep your lips soft and prevent them from becoming dry.

Natural Ingredients

You can get soft lips without using artificial products as well. Several natural ingredients can help make your lips baby soft without the money or chemicals involved. The top ingredients for getting super soft lips the natural way are as follows

1- Honey

Honey is the wonder element of lips. It is a humectant which locks moisture into the skin. Rubbing honey with sugar on the lips are excellent to exfoliate. Follow this with almond oil for perfectly soft lips

2- Toothbrush

Yes, soft toothbrushes can be used to clear off dead cells and get great soft lips. Ensure to use some oil after the exfoliation to get great results.

3- Beeswax

Beeswax is great for the lips as it creates a protective layer on it. Making a lip balm made of beeswax can be an effective home remedy for chapped lips.

4- Almond oil

Using Almond oil on the lips helps in keeping it hydrated and soft. That is why almond oil is an active ingredient in most lip balms.

5- Coconut oil

Applying coconut oil on lips before bed leaves them soft and supple in the morning.

6- Vitamin E

Using the gel of vitamin e helps in healing chapped and cracked lips. If you have cracks in the corner of your mouth, you can use vitamin e by opening up the capsule and smearing some of its gel onto your lips and corners as well.

If nothing works try to use and all natural hydrating tinted lip balms for best results.