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Is Vaping or electronic cigarettes safe during the course of pregnancy?

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Vaping and electronic cigarettes is regarded as a safer choice than the traditional cigarettes. A lot of people think that it helps you to quit or reduce the level of smoking. Now the question is are e cigarettes during pregnancy safe.  One thing you need to consider is that they put nicotine into your body.

 In an electronic cigarette nicotine is a vital component. Some may replicate a regular cigarette whereas others may seem futuristic. There is a cartridge and a battery where the former is filled with liquids. Once the liquid is heated in the interiors of an electronic cigarette it goes on to become a vapour and then you would need to inhale it. This term goes by the name of Vaping.

What happens in the course of a regular cigarette is smoke reaches out to the lungs when you burn tobacco. Normally tobacco is known to be powered with thousands of toxic chemicals. The vapour from electronic cigarette which is bound to have serious complications during the course of pregnancy that we are going to discuss shortly. It is known to contain tinges of chemical like nickel or chromium that could harm the developing baby. It is seen that the liquids that are used in electronic cigarettes is not well regulated. Many of them are known to contain chemicals or flavouring agents. No studies as far as the safety of inhaling of these vapours in pregnant women have proved conclusive.

A lot of myths are surrounded with e cigarettes. This is all the more so as far as pregnant women are concerned. Close to 40 % women who are part of the survey went on to claim that Vaping while pregnant is safe on all counts. It was only 57 % of women who believed that electronic cigarettes did contain nicotine and on the other hand 61 % felt that it could turn out to be an addiction. In the survey only 13 % went on to use e cigarettes and of the one that used a majority of them picked up the art from their mothers.

To conclude, smoking is it the traditional or the electronic route does go on to put nicotine into your body. You cannot expect a safe level nicotine exposure in pregnancy. When there is exposure to nicotine during this stage it does disrupt the function of babies along with tampering with their brain structure. The chances of miscarriage, infant mortality also rises up.  Nicotine is it from any source also shows up in the breast milk.

In the world that we all part of, no pregnant women should be a smoker. But this is not the case and women who smoke do become pregnant. If a woman is into smoking be it from any source of cigarette they should stop it immediately as soon as they find themselves to be pregnant. You can also discuss with your health care provider if you intent to cut down on smoking.