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5 Tips When Buying Matcha Green Tea Powder

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Buying Matcha tea can be tricky as there are lots of low-quality variants in the market that claim to be of good quality. It’sessential to have an expert with you while buying it for the first time; else you may end up spending vast amounts of money on the wrong product. This green tea is rich in antioxidantsand can provide health benefits only if the product you use is of good quality.

Tips to buy Matcha green powder:

If you’re not an expert or do not know one, you need not worry. The following tips will help you buy organic Matcha green tea powder effectively.

organic Matcha green tea powder

  1. Choose rich, green Matcha: Fresh Matcha leaves would be green and vibrant, and it will give you a smooth flavor too. Greener leaves indicate that they have a high volume of valuable antioxidants. You can use this product to get your body in shape and to delay your aging process. Remember, fresh Matcha would be priced around $1 per gram.
  2. Choose only the organic Matcha green tea powder: You must buy Matcha of the family Camellia sinensis which has potent polyphenols. Buying the organic variant ensures that it has been processed using the correct methods of steaming, rolling, and firing. Other variants are tainted and blemished, and will not provide any health benefit to you. Instead, they can pose health risks. Ideally, the best Matcha tea powder would contain less than 1/4th of caffeine present in coffee.
  3. Purchase ceremonial Matcha: Purchase the tea which is used in the traditional tea ceremony in Japan. This has a subtle and pleasant taste and should be consumed plain without adding any embellishments that would mask its taste. This Matcha has the finest green spring hue.
  4. Buy Matcha which is stored in a dark, cool, and dry space: Matcha loses its taste and value if it’s stored incorrectly. Choose a product that has been stored in the absence of light, moisture, and heat to retain its flavor. Also, buy Matcha in small quantities, so that you can enjoy the fresh taste of this tea.
  5. Do not overpay: The best quality of Matcha would cost around 0.75-1 USD per gram. It’s not recommended to pay more than this. Also, if you’re getting Matcha at a surprisingly lower price then beware. You can find various products available online.