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A list of the common pregnancy home tests

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You pick up any pregnancy test tool kit and all of them work on a common principle which is the HCG virus. The beauty of these tests is that they can be performed in the comfort of your home or a clinic. You could pretty be aware of the symptoms of pregnancy and then opt for a home pregnancy test. Just be aware of the fact that all the symptoms may not be present in a woman so this pregnancy test is of utmost importance.

pregnancy tests

Home pregnancy tests

In any pregnancy tests what is normally done is that your pregnancy is confirmed . This is available over the counter and the accuracy of the tests is nearly 100 %. The levels of HCG in urine are figured out. This is a hormone that is secreted  when a fertilized egg makes its way into the uterus. The levels of this hormone does keep on rising and it is at the peak level during the second or third trimester of pregnancy.

When it is suggested to use a home pregnancy test

  • You could rely on the expertise of a home pregnancy test, the moment you go on to miss your periods, though most women tend to wait for a certain period of time before being part of this test
  • In case of some home pregnancy tests it is considered to be more sensitive than the others, and it would mean that small levels of HCG are even traced
  • This is a sensitive test that you could also use before your periods but the risk is on the higher side and it does indicate inaccurate reading is on the higher side
  • It is observed that HCG the first thing in the hormone is tested as it is concentrated and the reading levels are more on an accurate level
  • Though most of the kids work on the same principle, but different kits work on varied methods. With the help of a pregnancy home test, the results of the test are in front of you within 5 minutes.

You would need to watch about the symptoms of pregnancy before you head for the test. The first major symptom which is associated with pregnancy is swollen breasts. They become sensitive or soar to touch pretty much like your menstrual cycle days. This is followed by a dark colour near the region of your nipples coupled with the fact that the veins tend to become more visible near the breasts.

The absence of periods is the final ice on the cake as far as pregnancy is concerned. The moment you do miss a period it is more or less certain that pregnancy is due. This is the golden principle for all ladies who follow the 28 date monthly cycle as an erratic monthly cycle would be of no use.

The exact time to proceed to the hospital is when pregnancy contractions timing, is at a higher level of frequency. It is necessary to distinguish the real ones from the fake ones.