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Does Asthma Heal With Age? – We Tell You

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Asthma is a disease or respiratory syndrome that consists of the reversible obstruction of the bronchial tract because of an inflammation in these, which may be produced for various reasons such as exposure to contaminated environments, tobacco smoke or infection, and be viral or allergenic, among others. This respiratory disease is very common especially in children, since it has been found that one in five children suffer symptoms related to this syndrome.

respiratory disease

That is why many parents whose child suffers from this syndrome ask themselves: “Does asthma heal with age?”. If you want to know the answer to this question, you just have to continue reading this article from tape daily. In addition, we also explain the symptoms, causes and other important information you should know about asthma.

What is asthma and what are its main causes

Asthma is a respiratory disease that consists of obstruction or narrowing of the bronchial tubes caused by inflammation or swelling of these. Due to this narrowness, the amount of air that can pass through the tracks is considerably reduced and therefore we have what we know as asthma attack.

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Causes of asthma

This inflammation in the respiratory tract is caused by the following triggers:

Allergens: dandruff or animal hair, dust mites, pollen, mold or fungi, food and some compounds of medications such as acetylsalicylic acid.

  • Climatic changes.
  • Environmental pollution
  • Genetic heritage.
  • Sex: men are more likely to develop asthma.
  • Excessive sports activity.
  • Respiratory infections: like a cold or flu.
  • Smoke of the tobacco.

Main symptoms of asthma

An asthma attack can have a quite variable duration, from minutes to days. Within this respiratory condition we can find the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty breathing: it gets worse when we exercise.
  • Constant cough: either with or without sputum production.
  • Wheezing: that is, sounds very similar to a whistle when breathing.
  • Intercostal impression: that is, stretching or contraction of the skin between the ribs when we breathe.

Dangerous symptoms of an asthma attack

It is necessary that you or the person who is suffering from the asthma attack go immediately to the emergency room if one or several of the following symptoms occur:

  • Drowsiness or intense confusion
  • Face and lips in bluish tone.
  • Fast or accelerated pulse.
  • Excessive sweating
  • Extreme difficulty to breathe.
  • Anxiety attack caused by difficulty breathing.
  • Thoracic pain.

What types of asthma are there

Within this disease or respiratory syndrome, we find two types of asthma:

  1. Non-allergic asthma: usually occurs at very early ages, usually during the first 12 months of a person’s life. This type of asthma is characterized by having attacks or crises of not trimmed beginning, that is to say that are caused by the symptoms of viral infections and not of any allergy. This is usually associated with causes such as maternal smoking, prematurity and attendance at day care centers. It is not usually associated with a family history of allergy or personal history.
  2. Allergic asthma: this type of crisis usually occurs after the first year of life or in later years. Generally, episodes of this syndrome may be of unruptured onset (viral infections) alternated with episodes cut out. Allergic asthma is associated or caused by family inheritance, that is, that some member has a history of allergy, and also, by personal history (people with any food allergy or suffering from atopic dermatitis).

Does asthma heal with age? – Here the answer

Now that we know the causes and the different types of asthma attacks that exist, we can tell you that there is not an exact answer for all cases. Everything depends on the type of asthma suffered by the patient. Therefore, we can give you two general answers:

Does no allergic asthma heal with age?

The answer is YES. Different studies have given an excellent prognosis on patients with this type of disease. It has been observed that 80% of children suffering from non-allergic asthma attacks reached adulthood without risk of suffering any episode of this disease or another allergic syndrome.

In the remaining 20%, it was found that they were atopic children, that is, they had asthmatic parents or another type of allergic disease. In these cases, due to the predisposition to allergic sensitization, asthma can reappear at any time and even aggravate the symptoms of the disease.

Does allergic asthma heal with age?

The answer is NO. In this type of cases favorable evolution is practically non-existent. The most common among patients with allergic asthma is that they go through seasons of greater or lesser intensity and always depending on the circumstances that can lead to the attack of asthma.

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