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Why Serviced Apartments Are A Thing Now A Days

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A serviced apartment is basically an apartment, fully furnished and has the services and comfort of modern living (internet, taxi, malls, parks, pools). It’s ideal for short term and long term use regardless if your stay is either for business or for pleasure. It’s like you’re home away from home kind of feeling that you want to find if you are in another place.

hotel alternative

These serviced apartments are mostly present in all major cities worldwide, offering their services along with the 21st-century convenience. People always ask what is the difference with serviced apartments and hotels? Here’s a clue, it’s considered as you’re “home away from home”. What does this all mean exactly? Generally, it’s still offers the same service as a hotel but unlike any hotels, you get to self-manage (cook your own food and such). This is a very popular concept these days and it’s only getting better.

The hotel alternative: It’s considered as a hotel alternative for the reason that it’s more “homier” than hotels. Unlike hotels you’re only limited to rooms with bathrooms, high-end ones offer you a balcony, a presidential suite would give you a living space and that’s about it. With services apartments, it basically functions the same way as your flat (but only looks different). For the people that never liked the “hotel-ish” vibe, this is a breath of fresh air from the usual room set-up.

It’s a growing commodity: With a growing number of websites and apps that offers to advertise these serviced apartments, it has become a very popular choice for travelers. The fact that you get to enjoy a modern day flat with everything in it including the kitchen sink (literally!) is something that most people prefer, especially the ones that think hotels are overrated, and does not provide the needed comfort that they need.

It’s a matter of preference: There are strengths in hotels like room services, concierge, private cars and so on. These things might just be too far fetched for an apartment setup but if you love cooking and got used to living in flats, this is the best setup right here for you. So before you book a serviced apartment, make sure you think about serviced apartments and how it will work for you, your preference and your lifestyle. Because sometimes, simply hotels aren’t for everybody.

Serviced apartments are starting to become a very popular concept these days as there had been many websites that promote these serviced apartments. But little did you know that they had been around for quite awhile now. It served as an alternative to the usual overrated hotels. It offers services and amenities that you get from a hotel but with a more “homey” vibe to it. Some people prefer this kind of a setup since most of the time they want to have that ability to the things that they do in their house or flat like like cooking, watch TV. If you like this setup, there is a rent serviced apartment at Tsim Sha Tsui that you should definitely check out.