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How a tax attorney is better than a CPA

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For any business to run smoothly it is a must to hire someone who will handle your taxes. There are two ways to do the following; one is by hiring a CPA (Certified public accountant) while the other is to hire a tax attorney. A public accountant and a tax attorney share the same responsibilities and affect the business in the same manner. Although they have a lot in common they are a few significant differences which distinguish them. These differences might cause all the difference to your business and hence are important to look into before you make your decision. Here are a few pointers that might help you to understand who the correct person for the job is-

  • Confidentiality- No good businessman would want the information about their company to be known by outsiders. This might cause damage huge damage to the business by anyone who is in competition. If you decide to hire a tax attorney you will have the legal option for complete confidentiality. Anything that you confide or say to your attorney can not be shared by them. The tax attorneys do not have to disclose everything in court while the accountants are not legally bound to do so.

  • Knack of negotiation- A businessman is not unknown to the fact that good communication and negotiation skills can be of great help in convincing people. A lot of times any issue that arises due to taxes might simply be resolved by talking. Tax attorney Hawaii has the skills to deal with such issues while coming to an agreement that is satisfactory to both the parties while an accountant does not have the required skills to do so. Not being able to negotiate properly might cause the business large losses which can be avoided by hiring a tax accountant.
  • Advice- a tax attorney can give you advice like none other. Tax exemption and techniques to make use of tax credits can only be said by the attorney. This is because they have more knowledge in the area that a normal accountant. The advice will be helpful in regular situations as well as during problems during a legal situation.
  • Limited functions- An accountant can only provide advice and help in areas that they know of. These areas are more limited than that of a tax accountant. A tax accountant provides wider range of services and is thus more useful to the business.

The limitations of an accountant are more than that of a tax accountant. Tax accountant Hawaii can help with probate, estate, trust guidance and many other factors where accountants have almost no knowledge. With all the above advantages it is obvious that a tax accountant will be of greater use to any company as they not only help with taxes but also advice in other significant areas of concern of a businessman.