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Salient Features of the Best SUVs in 2019

By Posted on 4 m read 340 views

There is no doubt that the most appropriate vehicles to get for your travel is an SUV. The SUVs within the 2019 range come with outstanding qualities taking care of your safety, improved efficiency, advanced technology, and handling your comfort efficiently. Meaning, there is little you cannot get in the SUVs in today’s market. Clients prefer SUVs vehicles due to the spacious interior, all-weather efficiency, cargo space, and other features.

From 2019 going forward, you will get redesigned, all-new, and super-powerful cars in the market. At your surprise, you will choose from subcompacts, battery-electrics, and other super-exclusive luxurious cars. Today, not just about the power windows and locks; you get to enjoy the continuous development in technology to help you travel in comfort and safety. Below are some features that your SUV should have;

  1. Remote Keyless Entry

The keyless entry system will allow you to access the interior of your car by pressing a button on the remote. The feature is meant to serve as one of the critical safety measures where you unlock without fumbling for the keys. The system will allow access to your car the fastest, especially in dark areas. The system gets customized such that when you press once, the driver’s door will open. You need to press the button twice to unlock the other doors. Therefore, you can rest assured that no intruder can jump in the passengers’ side while you unlock the drivers’ door. Also, the entry system has a panic button that flashes lights or honks the horn.

    1. Anti-Locking Brakes

All the SUVs get fitted with the anti-locking brakes. However, many car owners do not know how to utilize the feature effectively. The anti-locking system gives the driver steady control of the vehicle when braking on a slippery surface. With the feature in use, the wheels cannot lock making the vehicle to slide and lose steering control. Therefore, when you are driving on a snowy day, and there is another car or an obstacle in front of you, remember to activate the system. The system helps you steer around the obstacle. Upon applying the ABS, the brake pedals pulsate, but you should not panic since the behaviour is a clear indication that the system is working efficiently. The driver can have a different experience when you apply the ABS for the first time. Thus, the proper way to handle the system is to have some practices on an empty parking lot with no obstacles. Drive at a lower speed and apply the ABS. You will feel the brake pedals pulsate and the car will stop on a straight line.

  1. All-Wheel Drive

Today, the SUVs use the electronically-controlled All-Wheel Drive system. The electronic system works the same ways with the four-wheel drive system that needs the operator to engage manually. For the electronically-controlled system, the car engages the system upon realizing a certain power threshold. Whether manually or electronically activated, the system gives the same outcome where the four wheels distribute the engine power on the ground giving the power to accelerate on a surface with ice, snow, or muddy area. However, the driver should be cautious since not all weather challenges the feature can handle.

  1. Telescoping Steering Wheel and Adjustable Pedals

The 2019 range SUVs have height-adjustable steering columns, telescoping steering wheels, and adjustable pedals. These features help the driver to assume a comfortable position and allowing the shorter drivers to take the position further away from the airbag while comfortably positioned on the pedals.

  1. GPS Navigation System

Most cars in today’s market use the Global Positioning Satellite System and sensors that can help you find your location and gives a turn-by-turn direction to help you find your way. The system uses spoken voices, small video screens, or both. Also, the navigation system notifies you of the closest ATM, police station, gas station, or hospital. The system can guide you out of the bad neighbourhood, help you get away from traffic, and you can find your way home no matter how lost you get. When the GPS get installed, the system saves the addresses that you use in most of the time.

  1. Power Outlet

When you open the centre console of many SUVs, you will get a power outlet. You can use the outlet to light up a cigarette or charge your phone. While you should keep off the phone when driving, you get enough comfort when you have a source of power in case of an emergency.

  1. Roadside Assistance

In numerous occasions, you find yourself stuck in dangerous places when you have a flat tire, dead battery, or out of gas. Many people call rescue agencies, like the AAA in the U.S and CAA in Canada for life’s monitoring agencies. Today, the SUVs come with roadside assistance system as part of the warranty provided.