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Advantages of Fee Financing and ACH for Accountants

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Fee financing is something that many accountants will offer because they know that their clients cannot pay all their fees upfront to get their accounting work done. Fee financing is something that can change how a company approaches working with an accountant, and the accountant has to be sure that they have written up a number of financing plans for each client.

  1. How To Offer The Fee Financing Options

Fee financing for accountants is something that could be provided by a company online. You must send your customers to the site that will give them a chance to get financing, and you must ask the company they will give your customers special prices. The customers who use these services will send their payments through this system, and you will see the money after the payments have been processed by the online company.

  1. You Need To Advertise The Financing

You should have the financing options advertised so that your potential clients know they can get help with their fees. You have to be sure that you have done this in all your advertising, and you also have to be sure that the advertising changes so that your company does not look stale. Your company needs to have rotating ads that always offer these financing options, and you will be confident that your company can get more people to come in and use your services.

  1. You Should Offer Packages Of Services

Your company can offer packages of services that are very cheap in comparison to what you would normally get, and you will find that your customers come to you specifically because they want those large packages of services. They will request something that gives them a big discount, and they will come to you asking for a particular service when they realize that they need help in a certain area.

  1. Offer Free Consultations

You should offer free consultations to your customers so that you can show them what your company can do. Most customers are going to have questions about why they would even use your service in the first place, and you need to allay those fears for all your customers. You should offer free consultations so that you can show your customers what these services will look like, and you also have to remember that you can use consultation to sell anything that you want.

  1. The Company Should Be Marketed As An Expert

The company should be marketed as an expert, and you need to let people know that your company is worth the money. This is why you want to market yourself, and you also should have a look at what can be done to make your company a much more popular place. You need to have a lot of traffic coming through your office or your website. The traffic on the site will determine how much you will sell in a day, and you can have many more people come to the office hoping that you can help them. You should ask the financing company to help you if you want to market yourself more, and they will send out ads that would catch people while they are searching online.

  1. The Company Should Offer Discounts

You need to offer discounts to your customers so that they feel compelled to come back to you, and they will often invest their money in your business to keep you on retainer. These customers are more loyal because they know that you will give them good prices, and you should continue to offer better prices because that will make your customers happier. You get more referrals this way, and you will have people come to you saying that they heard a friend just got a very good deal on their accounting services.

  1. Managing Accounts

You might have someone assigned to an account for each client, and those clients get direct service from the people on your staff. The idea behind this service is to allow your customers to get personalized care so that they can save money. Your customers want to know that someone is looking out for them, and they want to be sure that they have thought over all their options before making choices. An assigned accountant makes this so much easier on everyone.


You can help your clients with the financing that they need for their fees, and they will save a lot of money because they are not paying too much for their fees. Ask your customers if they need to have financing, send them to the financing site, and avoid problems with customers who are not sure if they can pay after you have already done some work for them. These little financing options also make marketing easier.