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Are price comparison websites accurate?

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The fast-paced nature of modern life means that people are always eager to save time on the more logistical aspects of ‘life admin’.

For this reason, price comparison websites can be a nifty tool. Presenting you with a comprehensive account of different quotes within seconds, what’s not to love? And unsurprisingly an article in This Is Money highlights the ‘unstoppable rise’ of such websites over the years.

But studies are showing that price comparison websites may not always give you the full picture especially when it comes to car insurance. Here are just a few reasons why it might be more worthwhile to take the longer approach when it comes to finding the best deal on your car insurance.

The issue

The key issue that research has identified is that over half of policies differ on the insurer’s website and the price comparison website. So what you’re reading on the comparison sites may not be a true reflection of the best deal…the deal may not even exist. Discrepancies between the two sites include things such as courtesy car guarantees, policies surrounding theft or loss of keys and, more worryingly, unreliable and unclear aspects surrounding personal accident cover.

It is worth noting that different comparison sites all offer varying amounts of information and detail when it comes to outlining the policies on offer. But it certainly seems that a significant amount does differ from the official information that comes directly from the insurer.

How this could affect you

The main issue with selecting your next policy based on the information on a comparison site is that you may be signing up to something that isn’t accurate or suitable for your needs. A comparison site could be a good tool to generate plenty of quotes but before going ahead and signing up to an insurer you should always double check the policy that comes directly from them.

What else can you do

When selecting motor trade insurance www.quotemetoday.co.uk/motor-trade-insurance/ or personal car insurance you should always double check the information given. Using more than one comparison site may also help you to flag up discrepancies and get the best deal.

Check the voluntary excess as well as the fixed excess on your policy to check that the overall excess is one that is suitable for you.