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What is your favorite baked food?

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There are various baking traditions from other cultures around the world that is both pleasurable and enjoyable if experienced first-hand. Not only in Western countries but also in a lot of parts in the world, baking is one of the top choices for cooking methods because just like us, the other parts of the world want to eat delicious food at the same time stay healthy that is why baking for many is the best choice of cooking their food.

Frying food is associated with a lot of unhealthy results in our body including high-blood pressure, obesity, cancer, and heart diseases. Instead of making it a habit, why not switch to baking instead? The baked dishes are healthier for everyone including you and your family, besides bread and pastries, you can bake food like poultry, meat, vegetables, and even seafood with the easy baked dinner recipes out there, and there are a lot of undiscovered scrumptious baked recipes from other countries that will add proof that baking is the best method to cook food.

Eating healthy is not just adding fruits and vegetables to your diet, it also depends on the method of cooking, and if you are very conscious of your health, might as well get rid of dishes that are deep-fried and change your lifestyle by fostering better health that includes regular exercise, managing stress well, getting rid of unhealthy vices and of course a healthy diet.

When it comes to a healthy diet, that includes fruits and vegetables as your daily consumption while eating the right type of foods that should be baked. In this article, however, let us not talk furthermore about the bad effects of frying food and the health benefits of baking, but instead let us talk about what is your favorite baked food? Maybe your favorite best-baked food is listed below.

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Apple Pie

Of course, the best-baked recipe out there is the timeless apple pie which has its own different versions around the world, but one of the most popular versions of it is the American apple pie. This delicious pastry dates back in the 1300s because a lot of farmers during that time could not sell excess amount of apple to everyone thus their solution was to bake it inside a pastry crust.

Black Forest Cake

Named after a region in Germany that has its own rich culinary traditions and they are the best when it comes to baking cake, particularly the black forest cake that uses cherry liqueur and fresh cherries to add more flavors to it.


Probably the most beloved comfort food in the world. Pizza is timeless and pizza will stay forever. This dish that originated in Italy took over the world and captured the hearts of many.

Meat Pie

The British simply love this pastry dish that is stuffed with their favorite meat. This is best served that is oozing hot from the oven. This baked dish is usually served during weekends during family gatherings in the British Isles but has recently become very popular in many places around the world.

Baked Pork Buns

These steamed buns that are filled with pulled pork is a specialty in China and a very popular Chinese food in many China towns across the world. This is a regular staple in many places across Asia and can be bought in any Chinese bakeries anywhere.