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6 apparent signs that indicate a hidden leakage in the house

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If you have a leaking faucet in the bathroom or probably see water overflowing from the toilet, you know that there is a water leakage somewhere and needs immediate attention. What about those hidden leakages that stay behind the walls or under the floor and surface only when it is too late? These hidden leakages are the culprits that come to the surface all of a sudden while ruining furniture, appliances, and everything that comes its way.

Not everyone can detect leakage issues in their homes, and that is when there is a need for expert attention. It is often that the professionals for waterproofing in Liverpool come over to help you but how do you know that there is a hidden leak?

Here are a few tips to help you know and accordingly call upon a professional.

The floor is always wet:

Even when you haven’t wiped the floor, you may see it being wet most of the times. It means that the floor has a leak somewhere and the water surfaces upwards and keeps the floor wet. Asking an expert on waterproofing in Liverpool to come over can help.

The wall/ceiling changes its form:

When you notice the walls or the ceiling coming up with blisters, signs of sagging, discoloration, flaking paint or even peeling wallpaper and there is no visible water anywhere, it means that there is a leakage somewhere hidden and needs to be taken care of immediately by experts on waterproofing in Liverpool. Moisture retention in the walls or the ceiling can lead to mold formation and cause allergies.

Check your water meter:

Almost all homes have a water meter, and it ticks whenever you make use of water. Try closing all possible water outlets for once and check if the meter ticks. If it does, it means that there is a leakage somewhere and you cannot see it. This is when you can call an expert for waterproofing in Liverpool to help you out.

Sudden vegetation growth near the foundation:

If you have an old house, the foundation tends to develop cracks over time. Cracks do not come around that soon, but when there is a major leakage somewhere close to the foundation, the cracks increase in size. This leads to abnormal growth of vegetation close to the foundation that is a sign that there is a need for professional attention.

You spot mold growth:

Mold or mildew can grow only in places that are damp. If you spot them below your kitchen sink or even at the corner of your bathroom, you are in for trouble. It is something that would ruin your walls permanently if you do not take the right action. Calling in the experts for waterproofing in Liverpool can rescue you from it.

You often get a damp or musty smell:

When there is hidden water accumulation due to leakage, you would often come across a foul smell the moment you enter a room. When the walls or the ceiling is damp and is holding moisture, there are high chances of a leak, and that needs immediate attention. Ignoring it and blaming it on the weather can lead to complications and damage to your walls permanently.