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Use of Non-slip Floor Cleaner to Combat Slippery Kitchen Floors of Restaurants

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The environment of a commercial kitchen is always full of challenges. A mere slip and fall is a loss for the restaurant. Therefore, the owners of the restaurants ascertain a safe and clean working environment. When it comes to this, a thorough and proper cleaning is undoubtedly needed. It ensures not only a non-slippery floor to work and walk on but also a clean place to prepare the scrumptious cuisines.

Slippery kitchen floors are common to almost every commercial kitchen. Effective cleaning with quality and appropriate non-slip floor cleaner ensures that the floor of the kitchen continues to perform as per the expectation.

Floor Cleaning Methods

There are several methods available for floor cleaning. However, what is needed is the right way. The correct process will furnish a surface that is easy to walk and move on. Subsequently, the right choice of the chemicals that are to be used for cleaning the floor should never be overlooked. The right chemicals will not only remove the accumulated grease from the surface but also would provide a safe working environment.

It is observed that the guests coming in to have dinner, lunch or breakfast, are quite impressed with the clean surface.

Reasons behind Commercial Kitchen Floors Turning Greasy

With hundreds of orders (cuisines and platter) being served, it is relevant that the floors of the kitchen will face the consequences. The following are some of the common reasons for floor getting slippery—

  • Accidental spillage while serving or transferring food from one place to another
  • Blockage of water and then its retention at the particular place for long
  • Improper cleaning and cleaning methods leading to the leaving behind of sticky food materials, contaminants for long

The kitchen is the section of the entire restaurant that faces the wrath at its extreme. Therefore, it is needed to use the right kind of non-slip floor cleaner when it comes to cleaning and maintenance regularly.

Fight Slips and Falls Effectively Now!

Apart from cleaning the floor, other things need to be done to fight the sudden slips and fall that are as follows—

  • Ensuring Moisture & Water Free Surface 24/7

Most of the incidents of reported falls and slips in the kitchens have quoted this to be the prime reason. Therefore, proper steps should be followed to ascertain that the surface remains dry always. Experts are of the opinion that every restaurant owners need to set specific cleaning protocols for maximum effectiveness.

  • Periodic Cleaning with Anti-Slip Floor Cleaner

The commercial kitchen floor cleaning has never been an overnight task. Therefore, regular cleaning with a quality anti-slip floor cleaner is always going to maintain the floor in the best of its form.

  • Mopping off the Excess Water from the Surface

Draining out the excess water or liquid from the floor surface is always going to provide a safe working environment. Experts recommend keeping it dry always to keep the surface non-slippery.


Following the effective cleaning methodologies and using the appropriate chemicals will ascertain an unmatched commercial kitchen floor. Keeping the floors non-slippery is not only going to be safe but also bring business.