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Defence Secretary celebrates budget increase by driving a tank

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There is a NATO training camp in a place called Fallingbostel, a few miles from the German city of Hamburg. In 1986, the then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, found herself there visiting British troops. After two terms in office, the premier’s hold on power seemed to be on the wane. The PM was asked whether …

What is the need of stabilizers in our entire home appliance?

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People with less information about the stabilizers always have a popping up the question in their minds which is why the installation of stabilizers is to hold such importance. If appliances can work without stabilizers then why is it so that it is strongly recommended to use stabilizers? Well keep on reading.

What …

Going to Westside Family Church Lenexa KS – Benefits for Personal Growth

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The Almighty has always said, pray for a better you. It is not always that one has to go to church but going there is more than just devotion. Visiting the Westside Family Church Lenexa KS at least once a week showers for the love and creates the atmosphere and ambience …

 Giving a New Life to the Wounded Heroes – Meredith Iler

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The soldiers and veteran military personnel of every country dedicate their entire lives to the service of men and their country, all they care for is the security and protection of their native people and are taught to devote themselves selflessly for the cause of their country. They are mentally prepared in a way that …

How can you find the right automatic fertilizer manufacturer?

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The question you can see may be answered in one line, but that will certainly not satisfy you because if it was so easy to answer this question, you might not have asked it. It is true that finding the right automatic fertilizer manufacturer sounds a little bit difficult. Henceforth, many people make their makeshift …

Ron Blum explains about patents in detail

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Dr Blum is regarded as the discoverer or co-discoverer of more than 500 patents and patent applications across the world. He has successfully discovered, co-discovered, or assisted to develop IP technology portfolios and nine different products which have been licensed or sold to six global billion-dollar companies.

Ron Blum explains in detail …